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Missing Time 7B/?
Bones - Pretty Colours



“Father’s inside the guest room and won’t come out,” said Genie worriedly when Jim returned. Then she looked at the cases Jim towed, and grew more tense. “Will everything be okay?” Amanda watched from behind her, eyes widened and worried.

“Yeah,” said Jim. “He just needs time alone.”

“Is that why you’re knocking on the door?” said Amanda dryly. In return Jim made a shooing motion, but Genie ducked forward to take her case without a word before the twins did so. Jim leaned against the doorframe.

No response.

“Spock,” he said. “I’ve got your things.”

“The door is not locked,” came in such a low murmur that Jim almost didn’t hear it. He shrugged, and twisted the door open. Spock sat at the head of the bed, cross legged, eyes closed.

Jim felt himself soften as he pulled the case inside. “I brought Genie’s things, too,” he said. He stood up, and then frowned. “Spock, you were sick. What were you doing out in the first place that you got back so late?” Why the hell did you do what you did? Are you sure you didn’t hurt her?

“There were matters that needed my special attention at the Academy,” was all Spock said - a low murmuring hum in contrast with Jim’s relatively rough tone. “I was going to remain all night, however other things were called to my attention and I had to return to the hotel.”

“Oh. So you weren’t lying when you said you needed to be off-planet?”

This was bizarre. He’d barely been able to control himself before Jim left, but now Spock was quiet and calm. But still, that vague sense of wrongness hung around, almost stifling Jim. Violence. Shit. He threw stuff. Spock continued to say nothing.

“Spock…?” Jim said reluctantly. He wanted to ask, what’s wrong? but that was a stupid question.

“Jim…” Spock murmured through hooded eyes. He shook himself. “I require solitude.”

“Have you even eaten?”

“Food is unnecessary - “

The hell? “Spock, you’ve been sick.”

“I am not hungry.”

“You need to build up your strength so you can - “ and then Jim stopped because a slow smirk appeared on Spock’s face, which managed to plunge Jim’s mind into the gutter. “Spock, what the hell are you looking at me like that for?”

Then Spock’s face was deadpan again. “Nothing, Jim.”

“You just - “ Jim gaped. “Did you - “

“I did nothing, Jim,” Spock snapped. Great, now he was grumpy again, or -


The violence. The mood swings. Suddenly needing to get back to the hotel in the middle of the night. Holing himself up in the guest room to meditate. Not eating. That wasn’t just because of the adultery, that could have been -


Shit. Fuck. It couldn’t be. It couldn’t be.

God, you are not that mean. Please, don’t be that cruel. You can’t be - he’s just reacting intensely, right? Right?

Jim licked his lips. “Know what?” he said. “I need to ask Genie something.” Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. “Uh, have fun.”

“Meditation is not ‘fun,’” Spock growled, before Jim made himself scarce.



In all honesty, he didn’t want to hear the answer to the question. He would later kick himself for it, but he spent an hour wallowing in his own fear in the living room while pretending to read a novel - strange, how he could go headfirst into space battles but not ask certain questions without turning into a gibbering mess - before he got sick of his own procrastination and went hunting for the twins.

He found them in the study, again monopolising the computer. “Oh, hey, Genie,” said Jim, as casually as he could manage while his heart was bursting inside his chest from horror and his brain was going fuck no fuck no fuck no fuck no. Genie blinked up at him, and Jim realised his voice was shaking. “Spock and T’Pring got married when you were four, right? Or six?”

Genie blinked. “Incorrect,” she said. “They were married when I was at the age of five.” And then, as if Jim’s heart wasn’t shriveling in the awkwardness and danger of the current situation already, added, “They celebrated their seventh anniversary only a month ago.”

“Okay,” said Jim. “Just making sure.”

His movements felt surprisingly smooth as he stepped down the stairs. He listened to his footsteps as they went from muffled against the carpet to tapping against the linoleum. Small details came alive - the cracks on the wall tiles, orange crumbs on the bench top, a stain he’d never noticed on the table. He took a deep breath. All-in-all, he felt surprisingly calm -

At least, until his emotions swelled in a tsunami of words in his throat and he blurt out, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding!”

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Can't wait for what's next! I already suspected this much when Spock's violence was mentioned, haha. XDDD

Thanks! And I'm glad you're enjoying it!

(Deleted comment)
Nothing brings people together like Pon Farr.

Pon Farr: The gift that keeps on giving!

Nothing like "Uh, you should have sex with me or I'll die" to make people fall in love again, I tell you!

(Deleted comment)

Re: Pon Farr: The gift that keeps on giving!


Also, love the icon, made me giggle.

Now we know that it won't be that simple. And thanks that's my fav quote.

(Comment edit fail.)

Gee, give me a chance. ;) I can't see how it would be that simple. Actually I tossed that in to screw things up even more, because I'm all sadistic like that. *Cackles*

you're evil and that's why we love ya.

PONNNN FAAARRRRRR! Maybe Spock can "forgive" jim though sex! It works I tell you! lol

If forgiveness is sex then I should piss a whole lot more people off. <.

LOL. Well get at it!!! It's a natural remedy for sure.

Lol Jim's reaction was priceless. ♥

I cackled out loud while I wrote it. Glad you liked!

I am so dying for the next part! This was great - loving the pon farr popping up!

Hehe, glad you did, wasn't sure if that was an "OH COME ON YOU'VE GOT TO BE JOKING UMBERSONG" move or not. Thanks! <3

Heck YES! This story just got even more brilliant!

I find it interesting that a Vulcan would 'logically' choose to have an affair... And then feel bad about it. Or choose to follow emotion and have an affair in the first place. I feel bad for T'Pring, and totally not at the same time.

The twins are awesome! They're just so darned cute and I love the role that Joanna is playing for them.

You write Jim so well that I can't help but love this poor guy. He just gets shit piled on him all the time doesn't he? And Spock... geez, I hope something good happens to that poor guy. He is worse of than Jim.


I'm so happy about this update that I think I just babbled that entire comment. Can't wait for the next update!


God is laughing. And I am tempt to join in.

(huh. Guess T'Pring didn't know that Spock goes through Pon Farr or....)

omggg, I can't wait for the next part.

I don't mean to rush you but rush!!

Please tell me you're continuing this. It's so amazing and I need mooooooore! A happy ending. :(

Yes, I am continuing and am fixing up an update as we speak! I am much sorries for taking so long. :(

finally i could read your really amazing, so good characterization, and made of win new twins improvement

but i found you are not here anymore ;____________________;

i hope you are all right or you'll be soon!
i don't know why T'Pring marry Spock if Stunn was alive???...We all know she loves him and not Spock at all.

i really loves Bones in this fic ( a little too grumpy in this chapter, but is Bones, so sure thing he doesn't want Jim hook with Spock again.

But I think Jim really loves him yet, and poor Jim only kiss the 3th person doesn't he??

the twins are really brilliant!!
Joanna is the cute elder sister, and i'm hapy Genie is doing better with her new founded family!

The virus of Spock was so heart killing... And he is so week and found T'pring thing, my poor Spock...i want to hug him or Jim hug him!!!

the pon farr here was really a surprising and a wonderful twist!!

I really hope you can continue this i really like it!!

Joining the que of people that are desperate for you to continue this! It's so amazing, I'm totally addicted. I may have to go back and re read it all again!



I adore this fic, and Spock's Pon Farr popping up out of 'no where'.

You are awesome.
[[You'd be UH-MAZING if you updated.]]




*Pootles off to do just that*

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