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I swear I'm not dead!
Amanda - Oh Shit
I'm really sorry how updates just suddenly dropped off the face of the earth like that.
I don't have an excuse. It's not real life - it's a shift in my thinking. What I mean is that since the last update I've started.. huh, how do I say this without looking totally insane? There's been a shift in how I work and think and while I'm a lot happier for it, updates have lagged as a result. EVERYTHING has pretty much lagged as a result, it's like my brain shut down and restarted and everything's still kicking in. I haven't been writing at all since, where I used to write a lot.

Do know that I WILL finish this story, it will just take a while. I have been playing with the most recent chapter, it's just not ready yet.

And, you guys are going to hate me, but updates are going to continue to be sparse until December at the least, 'cause November is NaNoWriMo. :( 

Really, really sorry. *Hugs*

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I'm really happy that you are safe and sound!!!
i hope you don't mind i friend you!! :)

I write too but my muse could left me alone a year if she wants... so i totally understand you!
and you NANOWRIMO good luck with that!!!
i only write poetry and drables so i don't think i could do nanowrimo good luck and i will happily waiting your new installment and anything you can share of your work or you!!

*grins* At least you are well.

And good luck with ya NaNo!

Sorry, I just had to comment on this. I love your fic, and am really excited for updates to come once November ends. I was actually looking for your fic tonight, and wondering what happened to the updates, so I could spend more time avoiding working on my NaNo. Ha! Life's little ironies. Good luck, five more days!

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