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Missing Time 8/?
Bones - Pretty Colours
So, uh.

*Awkward silence.*

... Hi.

Have you ever felt so bad for updating you didn't update? Yeeeeeeah.

Excuses in TL;DR form: RL sucks and comes first, I'm just going to write as it comes. Updates are going to be sparse at best, but I'll do what I can.

Also, I've come to realise there is a lot of suckage about this story but I'm guessing that sucking and updating is better than not updating at all, so we'll see. D:

Title: Missing Time, by umbersong.
Word Count: 2.4Kish.
Rating: R
Chapters: Here.
Genre: Romance/Family
Warning: More swearing & fade-to-black dubcon.
Summary: After a stunt gone wrong puts one of Jim's daughters in danger, he comes face-to-face with the Vulcan he split up with twelve years ago in one of the most awkward possible circumstances. When he discovers the hard way that telepathic bonds don't die easily, it all goes to hell from there.
Prompt: From here:
Kirk/Spock - The Parent Trap (Yes, The motherfucking Parent Trap!)
Kirk and Spock have twins, but end up splitting up while they are still newborns, so they decide each keeps one of the twins so they'll never have to see each other again. Cut to 12 years later, they send the twins to the same intergalactic camp where they meet and decide to switch places to get their dads back together.

There was nothing sexy about pon farr, Jim knew that much. It had been fourteen years, but he could still remember the unpleasantness of the whole incident. If he hadn’t loved Spock so much at the time… even before the drunken incident so long ago, he’d felt dread at the thought of helping Spock through it again, and now his panic was rising because T’Pring could be gone already.

“Shit,” he said, and suddenly the idea of whacking his head against the countertop was an appealing one - anything to get him dazed enough to stop thinking about it. “Shit, shit, shit.”

This - this was ridiculous. Jesus. Motherfucking. Christ. What the hell. As if things didn’t hurt for Spock enough right now, now he’d have to rely on T’Pring to -

He sighed.

He really didn’t want to think about that. But there was no time to lose. (He was really kicking himself now for hiding behind that novel. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.) He dragged himself down the stairs, dreading every step, and knocked on the door of the guest room.

No response.

To hell with it. Jim opened the door. He found Spock cross-legged, right where he had left him, deep in meditation.

“Uh,” he said. “Spock?”

Spock’s eyes slit open into a glare. “I do not appreciate interruption,” he said.

Jim opened his mouth, then closed it again. How to broach this? “Listen. I think you should talk it out with T’Pring - “

“There is nothing to discuss,” Spock’s eyes closed again. “And it is none of your business.”

“You were about to go off-planet,” said Jim flatly.


“What were you going to do there, die?”

“You are being illogical.”

“Spock, I know what’s going on.” Spock still didn’t visibly react - but Jim could feel the fragments of the bond going still. “I’m not having you die - just, go to her, then you can leave for some peace and quiet.”

“I wish to do no such thing.” Spock actually sounded defeated. “Meditating during the duration of my condition has the double benefit of allowing me to survive and to still my mind so that I may talk to T’Pring calmly by the time it has passed.”

“Except, you mentioned fourteen years ago that as a half-blood meditating wouldn’t be as effective. And what were you going to do, meditate on the shuttle? It takes days to get to New Vulcan - “

“I am aware of that,” said Spock.

“By the time you’d get there you’d be too late, and stranded, and nobody could do a damn thing about it,” said Jim.

Spock raised an eyebrow. As if Jim was being illogical.

“Oh, fuck you, Spock.” He left, slamming the door as he did so.

He went into the study and shooed the girls out. “Important research, bugger off, you can have it back in ten minutes,” he said gruffly, and the girls fled.

"Yeah, he can be like that," he heard Amanda say as the twins left. "It's Bones rubbing off on him."

"Why does our father's roommate like to rub against...?"

"I didn't mean - " He heard Amanda's bedroom door close as he called up the directory, pulling the comm. unit towards him and tapping buttons.

“Yeah,” he said, after a face appeared in the tiny screen. “Is a Vulcan woman named T’Pring still in? She was sharing a room with S’chn T’gai Spock. It’s urgent.” Spock was going to strangle him for this, but at least he would be alive to do it.

The receptionist blinked at him. “A Vulcan woman, right? We only had one here. I’m afraid not. She departed thirty minutes ago for the shuttle station - five minutes’ walk from here - but mentioned returning to New Vulcan, if that’s any help.”



“Alright, thanks anyway,” said Jim, and cut the connection before the receptionist could say anything.

Tracking down the shuttle station hadn’t been useful at all - rather than waiting for her shuttle as Jim had expected, T’Pring had already left. He groaned. It had to be the first time a shuttle had ever departed so quickly. She’d be at least in the stratosphere by now. He rested his head on the desk in resignation.

Well. That left one last thing. Jim felt his heart shrivel and sink. It would mean being trapped again, but it could be fixed - right? They didn't have to be bonded and resent each other. They could be civil...

He reached for the comm. again, this time tapping in the number of the Academy. He waited as a receptionist transferred the call, drumming his fingers against the desk in an attempt to distract himself from their shaking.

“I’m still pissy with you,” said Bones.

“How much do you love me?” Jim asked.

"I don't."

“I need a favour.”

For the third time he knocked on the door, but this time he didn’t bother waiting for an answer. As he knew he would be, Spock was still in the same place he had been before. “Spock?” he said.

This time, the halfblood didn’t answer. “Uh, Spock?”

Spock looked tired. Jim supposed that having been sick wouldn’t help with this at all. He said, being careful to be out of arm’s reach for any potential stranglings, “T’Pring’s left the planet.”

“As I expected.” Spock didn’t even sound smug.

Jim clenched a fist. “Jesus, Spock, you’re being illogical! What about Genie, huh? Isn’t she worth living for? What about Amanda?” What about me?

Spock stayed quiet. Jim swallowed, taking a step closer. “Let me help you.”

This time, Spock’s eyes flew open. “What?”

Shit, he looked angry. Jim stepped back again. “Look, I’m not letting you die - “

“Are you aware that if you were so much as to touch me the bond would rip open once again, and this time we would not be able to suppress it?” said Spock. “I am not completely proud, Jim. If I thought I could ask that of you I would have. The answer is meditation, however much I doubted it before I must try it - “

“I wouldn’t be doing it just for you,” said Jim quietly. “I’d be doing it for Genie and Mandy, too. I mean - can you live with it, the bond?"

“I’ve lived with it for fifteen years,” Spock finally murmured. “It is of no consequence to me if it grows stronger.” Then he scowled. “But I will not tolerate being manipulated into this only for you to exhibit signs of passive agression and resentment for it later if you regret - “

“Hold on, Spock,” said Jim. “What do you mean you’ve lived with it? I mean - it’s not as bad as Amanda said it was, only when you’re closer to Earth. And, okay, it sort of stopped me from making any other lasting relationship, but really, I’ve gotten used to it. Really.” His tone took on a pleading note.

“It is similar for me.” Spock’s eyes closed again.

When Spock said nothing else, Jim said, “Spock. I’m not going to hold it against you or bitch at you for it.”

“It is human nature to enter into circumstances willingly then lay the blame on another.”

“I’m not like that.”

“Do you deny feeling much choice in the matter?”

“Spock, I don’t want you to die - “

“Then you have answered my question.”

Jim watched the Vulcan. “Trust me, Spock.”

“I have little reason to.”

“What about the kids, Spock?” when Spock didn’t answer, he pressed on. “You remember what it felt like when your mother died. What if you were younger? What about Genie? Her world’s been turned upside down enough as it is, already. She wouldn’t be able to cope. And Amanda will never know you.”

Spock opened his eyes, but only halfway. He stared into space.

Spock didn’t want this, either. He didn’t want to be bound to Jim anymore than Jim wanted to be bound to him.

“We’ll manage, okay?” said Jim. “We can do it. We don’t need to change anything - “

“The bond does not accept compromises,” said Spock. “Changes are inevitable, whether we wish them or not. I doubt you understand the full extent of what you propose.”

“Maybe not, but I can adapt,” said Jim. “I know you don’t want this either but I’m not letting you die.”

Spock even sighed. “So be it,” he said, and he sounded so resigned Jim felt his heart break a little.

There was something really awkward about doing the deed with somebody because you had to, Jim decided. It had been different fourteen years ago, but then, he’d wanted to, back then. Even if it turned out differently to how he’d expected. This time, he’d be prepared at the very least. It was times like this he wished he had the stamina of a Vulcan. He already dreaded the oncoming sleep deprivation and hunger that would follow. Waking up to find your Vulcan already nibbling at your throat when all you wanted to do was eat wasn’t very sexy. It didn’t help that Vulcans needed less food, water and sleep than humans. Which meant things got interesting, especially as a Vulcan’s self control was almost shot to hell by the first touch.

Which was why, as soon as they turned up to the hotel room, Jim found himself wondering when the last time he ate was and whether he’d had good enough quality sleep to last him for a few days. He already found himself regretting that he’d left Bones’ hyposprays at home in case he couldn’t pry himself from Spock’s grip long enough to get some damn nutrition. Damn.

The two of them stood at the door. Never before had Jim thought that something could be awkward for Vulcans, but Spock stood there stiffly.

“Uh, so,” said Jim, dumping his duffel bag at the end of the bed. (He eyed it for a moment, wondering what the heck the maids would think in a few days when they came to clean the place.) “What happens now?”

“I pull off your clothes and ravish you,” said Spock seriously. Which made Jim laugh enough not to feel any awkwardness any more until Spock walked to stand in front of him, so close that Jim could have kissed him.

Jim licked his lips. “I won’t hold this against - “

“Shh,” said Spock, closing his eyes. His breathing had become ragged. “The bond will - “

“ - Wake up, I know - “

“ - And may be impossible to bury again,” said Spock. “There is also a chance that it may be more intense. Never before has a bond between a Vulcan and a human been suppressed and then reawakened. There is no telling what emotional consequences you may suffer.”

“I’ll risk it,” said Jim.

“Are you certain?” said Spock.

Jim just nodded, breathlessly. Spock raised a hand to touch Jim’s cheek - but left it hovering there, an inch from his skin, unsure. Jim felt the bond squirm.

Jim savoured his last moment as a free man. It didn’t last nearly long enough, but raised his own hand to Spock’s and entwined their fingers -

The emotional shock had him reeling.

It felt as if something exploded inside him, and all of a sudden, everything was wrong. Sounds he heard from his right ear was suddenly heard from both, he felt hot and yet so cold, afraid and yet filled with lust that threatened to send him over the edge. From far away, he felt the back of his head connect with the wall and throb with dim pain like dying lights, and hot lips on his neck - or was it his lips on cool skin? - and fingers tangled together in a way that made him shudder, something hard grinding against his hips, a body flush against his.

And the lust, oh, the lust. He needed - he didn’t know who he needed, or what he needed, right now, whether he was Spock needing Jim or Jim needing Spock, but he wanted it, crushing it to him - as if it wasn’t threatening to cut off his air supply crushing him to it already - indulging in every square inch of skin he could find and every touch, cheek against cheek, palm against back, fingers digging into the skin -

Blacking out because the sex was so good wasn’t really something Jim was used to. Unfortunately, he knew better than to think the quality had anything to do with it.

When he finally came to, twisted in the sheets in what looked like dawn’s light (it was sunrise already?) he felt exhausted, so exhausted he could probably sleep forever, but he couldn’t think of why he woke up.

His stomach reminded him. So did his bladder.

Oh, right.

He winced as he moved - he’d forgotten how much it hurt. He didn’t even bother to glance down at his body, knowing what he would find. Instead, he hunted for his clothes. When he found his shirt ripped, he wasn’t surprised, feeling appreciative that he’d packed some extra clothes just in case such a disaster happened. He got dressed, limped into the bathroom and didn’t even turn the lights on.

He took an hour off to stagger to the shops, glad for having the foresight to wear a turtleneck - not that there were many shops open at this time of morning. The few people around stared. Jim wasn’t really surprised - he probably looked as crap as he felt. To his annoyance the bond, alive and well, hummed with pleasure.

Yeah, fuck you too, he told it. He bought some groceries to stuff into the minifridge - god knew he'd need it. At last he collapsed into a chair outside a 24 hour café and wolfed his breakfast down as soon as it came, ordering a second helping before he’d even finished. His arms hurt to lift, but he ignored the aches and by the time he was halfway through his second set of pancakes he felt satisfied at last.

It was also around then that the bond started nudging at him. Sighing, he stood up and left a tip. If he was exceptionally lucky, he was just imagining it and he would be able to catch at least another hour’s sleep. He wanted nothing more than to sink into the pavement, curl up and sleep forever as it was.

He stepped into the hotel room. To his relief, there was no movement in the pile of sheets - which Spock was probably sleeping under - and he slipped the food into the small fridge that waited. He carefully shed his clothes, slipping under the covers, not wanting them to share the same fate as his first shirt had. He curled up, ready to succumb to sleep -

Then realised the Vulcan was missing.

Rather, he thought the Vulcan was missing for the half second it took before said Vulcan came out of fucking nowhere to flip him onto his back and growl, “Where the hell have you been?”

It was going to be a long few days.

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the fic was awesome.... PLEASE, PLEASE Update SOON!!!!!

YESSSS AN UPDATE! SO EXCITED!!! And this part was SO GOOD - I cannot wait to see the aftermath of ponfarr and their bond being reawakened.

i just started to read this series (since the concept is so intriguing)

and it is so damn good!

please update soon!

I must admit I was somewhat sceptic from the summary, but turned out it was for nought! I'm very pleasantly surprised, and totally hope to see more soon!

i love thiiisss!
please update soooon!

lol i wish they'll just admit it already.
they can't live without each other that much longer!

wow you just blew my mind...cant wait to read more

O.O I can't believe I missed this chapter? For nearly four months.... it's not dead is it? tell me missing time isn't dead!

(Deleted comment)
it's been nearly two years and i'm still mourning this fic... i just wanted to let you know.

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